Why Raw?

We started our Raw Feeding Journey in 2016; Blossom, our Shih Tzu had suffered from all sorts of ailments for years, IBS, Recurrent Ear Infections, Seasonal Alopecia, Inflammation, and Much More – After trips back & forth to the vets and her not getting any better we decided to do more Research on her diet as Veterinary treatment hadn’t worked. In 2016, information on feeding raw was limited and we wanted the best for our dogs, so Emma decided to dig deeper and completed her first diploma in 2017, then her second in 2019 and she is currently studying another. Once we moved Blossom onto Raw there was no looking back, she is now 11 years old and healthier than Ever – our 8 other dogs also enjoy a Biologically Appropriate Diet.

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The Benefits Of Raw Feeding

What Can You Expect

You can Expect – Healthier Skin & A Softer, Shinier Coat, Improved Joint & Bone Health, Reduced Stool Volume and Smell, A Reduction in Body Odour, Healthier Teeth and Sweeter Breath, A Strengthened Immune System and Even More Health Benefits – leading to fewer Vet Visits! Start your Raw Feeding Journey Today!

A Basic Guide to Feeding Amounts –
8-12 weeks – Feed 8-10% of Bodyweight
12-16 Weeks – Feed 6-8% of Bodyweight
4 – 5 Months – Feed 5-6% of Bodyweight
5-6 Months – Feed 5% of Bodyweight
6-9 Months – Feed 4% of Bodyweight
9-12 Months – Feed 3-4% of Bodyweight
12 Months+ – Feed 2-3% of Bodyweight

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